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Our team at Octagon Business Finance have over 20 years of experience in providing specialist funding solutions to Professional Practices. 


Our core business principal is to provide exceptional customer service which sets us apart from others. 


As well as our wealth of experience and determination to deliver everytime, there are many more benefits to your Practice when opting to use Octagon.


Unsecured Loans, Asset Based Funding, Aged Debt Funding, Invoice Discounting & Factoring from Octagon Business Finance


Identifying the most appropriate funder 

We are not tied to any one funder and this means we are truly independent with lending relationships that extend beyond high street banks to international banks, finance houses, building societies and private lending consortiums.


We save you time researching the market to source the most appropriate lender for all your funding requirements.   


We are able to turn a proposal round very quickly and identify the most appropriate lenders for each proposal. Our lenders recognise that we operate on short turnaround times and respond quickly to all proposals we submit to them.  



Securing the Finance  

We recognise that Professional Practices have numerous different funding requirements throughout the year and because we are not tied to any single source we can generally find alternative additional lenders to support your on-going needs. You are also spreading your debt across a number of funders, which may prove invaluable in the future. What's more, we will only require one application from you with interim updates and this saves you valuable time and trouble.    


Our account managers are experienced in presenting and packaging loan applications on behalf of clients in a format that will greatly enhance the chances of securing finance 



Preferential Rates  

We introduce on average £50m of funding to our portfolio of lenders on an annual basis. Our lenders recognise the quality and volume of business we introduce on behalf of our clients and this means we are able to negotiate preferential rates on each individual loan requirement.  





Octagon Business Finance is shaping the way Professional Practices source finance. To learn more about the benefits we can bring to your business, please call us today on 0845 3882284.   



Shaping the future of Professional Practice Finance